Harry and Meghan: The secrets behind …

Harry and Meghan: The secrets behind their separation from the royal family

At the beginning of last year, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan announced that they would give up their royal status and leave the UK, which caused a big stir. Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan revealed some of the reasons for their departure in their interview with American host Oprah Winfrey.


In the interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, Harry admitted that part of the reason was racial discrimination. Harry and Meghan revealed that when Meghan was pregnant with her son Archie, someone in the royal family talked about Archie’s skin color, while Harry refused to disclose the royal family members involved.

Harry also mentioned that he had informed the royal family in advance of their intention to leave Britain. When the Queen knew it, she invited them to meet. But in the end the meeting was cancelled, which was informed by the Queen’s private secretary.


The number of people who paid close attention to this interview was very large. In three days, 49.1 million people around the world watched it. People are talking about the content of this interview.


Some people expressed support and sympathy to them on Twitter. Part of the reason is that the duchess of Sussex said in the interview that Meghan had suicidal thoughts and experienced racism while living with the royal family. pic4.zhimg

While someone criticized Meghan and calling this interview was “disgraceful betrayal” to the Queen, the royal and the monarchy. For example, Piers Morgan, a British television personality.



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